Hello, we're Hoffi

Hoffi is an independent, award-winning brand strategy company based in Cardiff.
We work with businesses and organisations to develop brand strategy, brand identity and brand communications. Founded with a sense of fun, exploration, considered thought and experience, we produce outcomes that work socially, commercially and creatively.


From the early days we had set out with a goal that we would do our best for our clients. We would do the best design work. At that time we offered a full design service. As we have matured as a company we have realised that we needed to delve deeper. We needed to scratch beneath the surface and go beyond the logo and communications. We really needed to understand what makes you tick to make the best work for you. This work has been hugely rewarding and challenging. But we have found that this approach works and can deliver cultural change within organisations which makes you and your brand stand out in the crowd.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Andrew is Technical Director at Hoffi looking into user experience and digital design projects. He has a keen interest in Kite Buggying, Tropical Fish and Gardening and he also dabbles in a bit of creative coding every now and then.

Follow him on Twitter @andrew_hoffi

Carwyn Lloyd Jones

Carwyn Lloyd Jones

Carwyn is Creative Director working on brand communications for Hoffi's clients. He has a real passion for photography and has been extending his cookery skills.

Follow him on Twitter @carwyn_hoffi

Julian Sykes

Julian Sykes

Julian is Brands Director dealing with strategy for our customers. He has an interest social design through his work with thinkARK. He is also a keen rock climber and has been looking how games can involve different social groups.

Follow him on Twitter @julian_hoffi

Ryan Bunney

Ryan Bunney

Ryan is a Front-end Developer, working on all of our digital projects by bringing the interface designs to life. He's also responsible for prototyping projects in the early stages of the design process. While he's not practising with a Kendama, he experiments with JavaScript creating inspired artificial intelligence projects.

Celtic Tales a native application delivering location based stories across Wales
Theatr Mwldan - A MacBook showing animated film The Nut Job cinema listing

Brand Strategy and Design

Does a new logo actually make any difference if there's a problem and company still does what it did before? A visual change may initially get more awareness or sales, but will it actually make the company any 'better'? We design great brands that are backed with a rich strategy, ensuring that they are truly authentic to your business and customers. We do this by asking lots of questions to both you, your customers and ourselves.This provides a unique picture of the business and how the brand should be positioned.

User Experience and Planning

We feel that understanding how an app, website or piece of literature will be used is extremely important; give better customer service and could even save money long term. We do this by mapping user journeys, creating prototypes and working through an iterative design process.

Web and Mobile Development

We develop bold websites and mobile apps, with the design and functionality that reflect your business’s brand and how its experienced. We do this across desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that your brand offers a great user experience however they interact your brand.

Graphic Design and Communication

We provide graphic design services to many large businesses and public sector organisations, developing literature, campaigns, advertising, exhibitions and signage.

Our Process


The Discover Phase is our opportunity to learn about your company and it's people, products and services. Using a number of creative tools and workshops.


The Map Phase begins to highlight opportunities that have arisen from the discover phase, understanding how these opportunities could relate to your market and/or customer.


Create Phase is where we begin to create the visual interpretation of your companies brand. Creating how it looks across different media, developing it tone of voice and also looking at the the brand mark and it's typography.


Once the Create Phase has been created we then want to grow the brand and it's delivery with you. This work can include brand launches, extended brand guidelines, website design and development and general communication design.