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National Theatre Wales

A strong relationship

We have been working with National Theatre Wales since June 2009 following a successful bid to plan, design and develop their destination website. Since this initial work we have gone on to brand their community projects assembly and TEAM. We have also been involved in re-designing their online community and creating platforms for online showings of products such as The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning.

For many organisations their online presence is a secondary communication channel, however for NTW it was integral for their connection with their audiences. They do not follow the traditional model of a theatre having no venue. It is their box office, their community. What we have found from working with NTW is that the mixture of online and physical is essential. So we need a rounded full experience. Through our Discover Phase we developed an understanding of the company’s ambitions and potential audiences, along with research into several other national theatre companies we translated this into a number of design directions for the website. These design directions formed the basis for a workshop with key stakeholders within the company, along with external input from the theatre’s brand and social media consultants.

From the workshop outcome we refined the design directions and developed a number of landing pages for the destination website, deemed as destinations within the website in their own right. These included individual show and company based information.

Since developing the initial destination website with National Theatre Wales we have worked closely with the company, assessing activity on digital channels and tools in order to help them gain additional capacity to begin meet the requirements of their organisation and digital strategy.

Getting a 'BUZZ' from Social Media

Getting a 'BUZZ' from Social Media

Using the Drupal open-source Content Management System (CMS) we developed tools that filtered and gathered social media content. Messages and media including images and video can be pooled together and related to a specific show. This allows both public users and staff from National Theatre Wales to explore the buzz at any particular moment in a shows life-time, through an ‘Activity Stream’..

The stream has the ability to filter and display content from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, You Tube, Vimeo and also messages and posts directly from the National Theatre Wales Online Community.