Working for things

Written by Julian Sykes

This summer is the summer that the olympics came to the UK. We are half way through. The closing ceremony of the first half went by this weekend and the next phase is due in a few weeks time. As the games came to a close the talk had changed perspective from one of celebration to looking at the games and starting to view it objectively.

Has it been a success?
Will it truly make a difference in the future?
And will it "inspire a generation"?

Beyond that, there is the idea of true gains. An idea which is becoming lost within our society. Athletes no matter what discipline, work year on year to achieve their goals. There is no fast fix no easy way around. Success is through hours put in. This seems to be in stark contrast the idea of celebrity and get famous quickly. I wonder however is it our fault with the brands we covert? Do we need to look at how brands got there? do we need to get an idea of this? can work and the idea of work be introduced into brands?

How does this effort get shown and expressed without seeming like a sob story? Is it possible to get this across in anyway and if it is, should it be part of brands responsibility beyond selling products to answer the need to emphasise that it takes work and constant effort to keep a company and it's products as good as they can be.