Learning through doing - opening up and future plans

Written by Julian Sykes

We think design can help companies, countries and people. We know why we love design and we want to leave a positive mark within our industry that we are passionate about. Over the last seven or so years we have obviously created a huge amount of successful design for customers. Work ranging from brands to websites. This work has shown us just how much of an impact design can make to organisations. It has grown visitor figures to rise to their highest levels within the National Museum Wales, it has increased sales for a variety of different companies in various sectors. Finally it can open up an understanding of particularly complex issues.

While we can do this for customers we still find design could be used through out business. There is still a lack of understanding as to just how far design can be used. Creative thinking and design can transform companies on a day to day basis. Through this approach companies become more agile, creative and most importantly competitive within their sector. We have tried to highlight this work within a number of our innovation projects over the years. Projects like thinkARK has used design techniques to develop responses to local community and social issues within Cardiff. Creative Wales has brought the design community together through sharing knowledge via a (soon to be updated) twitter platform. Even more recently we have begun a very small incubator project with yello brick. The aim being to see how design can help a start-up in their development. They rent desk space from us and have also had access to our experience and technology.

We still want more and we want to see just how far we can push this. So we are looking for like minded companies to come together to do a number of things. We believe that we still need to continue the development of the creative community in Wales. With this we think there is a great opportunity for designers not only designers but the broader creative industries that reside in and around Cardiff. Would you be interested in somewhere that this could happen? what would this (space) look like in your minds eye? These are all questions we will be looking into over the next few months. If you do have any thought of want to bring something to the party drop us an email shwmai@hoffi.com