Brand content - quick and dirty video content editing

Written by Julian Sykes

Following on from editing images for your website we thought we would start looking at the moving image. The first thing to mention around the moving image is to ask why you as a company should use this type of content? why does it suit your brand to tell stories through film? and then what are the stories you want to tell? Finally do you have the basic skills to start and prolong this type of content?

To help us understand how this might be used we have decided to use a florist as an example. John has decided filming is a great way to show off new flowers and also highlight his latest bouquet designs. Because of the nature of the work he has decided that a timelapse approach to filming might work to help cut the film down to a reasonable time. He has an iPhone and has decided to use this on it's timelapse setting when recording. He also decides to add a bit of himself introducing the flowers and design. Finally he has got his logo which he has made as an image for the end of the video.

So what is out there if you want to edit films without buying really expensive editing software? Firstly if you do have a mac or PC then both have editing software for free so that's Movie Maker for Windows and iMovie for Mac. If you want something different then there is YouTube itself which has it's own online editor. There are some great tutorials for all of these options online (I have embedded the YouTube how to above).

In the next blog we will be looking sideways into your organisation. Raising perception of your brand but not through the obvious ways.