April already

Written by Julian Sykes


I am not sure how we can be in April already but the year seems to be flying by. This is quite scary as we have a load of projects that we want to produce before 2012 is over. I have been meaning to write about the last few months for ages so here it goes.

A month or so ago I was invited by British Council and Pervasive Media Studio to be part of a week sprint based around envisaging what a playable city could be. The week brought artists and designers from the UK and also East Asia and Australia. It was a great five days and one that brought a lot of questions into my head regarding design and art and how you really can't have one without the other. To this end I really want to investigate how this can work over the next year or so in some of the projects we are involved in. You can find a video of the week www.watershed.co.uk/dshed/playable-city-sprint

I have tried to write exactly what happened during the week but there was so much so I hope the video gives you an overview.