Integrating box office ticketing systems into your existing website.

Written by Andrew Thomas
In the last few years we’ve been lucky enough to work with some leading companies in the Arts, working with them to ensure that their content can be accessed digitally. A recent analytics report from Ticketmaster showed that 76% of the UK population have been to at least one theatre show in the past three years. Now that stat does include everything from Music, Plays, Dance, Opera and Comedy, but it does show that we as a nation have good attendance on average at live events. That report also mentioned that its 16-19 year olds that are most likely to attend, I guess that's a little false for our purpose because most of our clients are theatre companies or venues. Where I’m assuming the 16-19 age bracket focuses more on a Music audience. With the majority of the companies we work with a big factor with any digital content is the path that users take in order to buy a ticket. It sounds a fairly simple process but its quite complicated. Understanding that live performances are all very different. All with very large factors
  • Touring shows to fixed venues,
  • breaks in runs of performances,
  • matinee performances,
  • access restrictions,
  • specialist performances
All these factors can cause havoc when trying to sell tickets online and provide the best possible experience for the user. We’ve been fortunate to use some of the biggest names in box office providers including Audience View, Ticketsolve and Patronbase. Each of these providers have their own unique set of pros and cons, the majority of which surround prescribing the process in which the user is required to use their system. Like anyone we all have our way of doing things and some of us are better than others. This is the same for these box office systems. Which is why we are really excited to be working on a new project for National Theatre Wales; developing the digital user experience for their very own box office system using Tessitura Network.