Chickens: sustainable living or simply just pets?

Written by Andrew Thomas

I don't know whether or not keeping chickens will make me more sustainable, probably not. But over the last few weekends I've slowly been building a Chicken Coop to keep a few chickens at home, I'm not really sure why we decided to do it, other than it sounds like a pretty cool idea. So, about a month ago we gave it plenty of thought, weighing up the pros and cons before considering the build.

As the past three weekends have gone by you may have noticed some photographs being uploaded to my flickr account covering the work in progress of building the chicken coop. Here is a photograph of the finished article, but if you are like Julian and convinced that I bought the coop from B&Q, you can view more in progress photographs on

The next steps are sourcing a feeder and waterer (which should be delivered today), a few medical supplies (to ensure we have a simple first aid kit for them) and then onto the birds themselves. I'm hoping by the middle of July our new friends will be happy in their new home.

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